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This is an excellent replacement for Gillette Fusion at a much better value for your money. I've been a Gillette customer for over 20 years and I've seen how
expensive they have become.

Gillette Fusion cartridge will cost you around $2.90 each. These Bic ones cost $1.65. That's around 45% saving for almost the same quality.

I came across these Bic razor blades by chance when I was traveling. I thought they were disposable but I used them for around 5 shaves with no problem. Then I found out that I can replace the cartridges and I fell more in love.

Zahi (5 stars review)Flex 5 - Excellent Gillette Fusion Replacement

I am in love with this razor. I opened the package and used a blade. Let me tell you, this is amazing. I can push as hard as I want and not cut myself. It doesn’t leave my skin red or irritated. This is the first razor I will continue to keep using. A lot of people say use men’s razors for females, now I know why. Get you one right now. I would submit pictures, but imma just say it looks exactly like the packaging .

Summer (5 stars review)Flex 4 - Don’t debate just get!

Good shave, smooth, blades last, would buy again and plan to!

Mojoedmo (5 stars review)Flex 3 Hybrid - Long lasting

My husband and 2 sons love this razor. It gives them a nice close shave without the bumps because of the 3 blades per
head. The razor handle is comfortable to hold, and you can't beat all the extra replacement heads it comes with. I always catch this razor on sale which makes it even more of a great deal. My sons look forward to getting this razor in their stocking every year at Christmas.

Jaimalu (5 stars review)Flex 3 Comfort - Great shave, great price

Easy to use razor and leaves a perfect finish with one pass, allows to be used several times without losing efficiency in cutting. The cleaning of the blades is quick leaving it under the tap jet are
perfect. Package with several units to not worry in a few months to buy more.


Sal y disfruta (5 stars review)BIC 3 Pouch - Gentle and do not irritate

Best razors I have ever used, I wish I knew about these years ago.

kate221 (5 stars review)BIC 2 Pouch - Really good razors

Whilst they look a little bit cheap and are as it happens cheap in price they really do perform well, the two blades are good quality and sharp, They've left my legs silky smooth with minimal effort. They're easy for me to hold and brilliant value and I do like the colours of the handles. Will buy again.

Mia (5 stars review)Twin Ladies

The shaver is light, smooth on my skin and sharp! Just one stroke, it leaves my skin clean and smooth.

cherisyt (5 stars review)Miss Soleil

Really happy to find these at a decent price they all have worked so far and saved me some money buying in bulk. Thank you.

jennifer Duarte (5 stars review)BIC J3 Standard Lighter - Great buy


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